Saturday, November 12, 2011


What a star-studded day we had yesterday. Famous people everywhere we went.

So, said day started early... 6am early!!!! Had to be at that VH1 place at 8am to do some blimmin' live breakfast TV show. The interview was a little strange... one doesn't expect to be discussing one's pet cat's bollocks (or lack thereof!!! He's had them whipped off, see?) so early in the morning... and certainly not on live TV!

We did meet Adam Sandler though - I say 'we' cause I was with my mate, and friend of the stars, "Scully", who does like a celebrity meet and greet. He (Adam Sandler) was cool as fuck. We have a mutual friend in Russell Brand, so the conversation went summat like this...

"Yes Adam... You know Russell, innit?"
"Yes I do... He loves you, man!!"
I know this already cause he tells me... regularly.

Anyway, as we went our separate ways Adam Sandler left me with these words...

"You have fun, buddy"... Thanks Adam Sandler, I will!!!!

From there we made our way to the Ed Sullivan theatre for the David Letterman show.

The Letterman show takes place in the Ed Sullivan theatre, on the very stage where that band The Beatles changed the world on the Ed Sullivan Show way back in 1963, I think?

On the show with us was some right-wing politician - who showed up with some very smartly turned out security - and top Scientologist Katie Holmes! (Mrs Tom Cruise)...more of which later.

If you've never been to the David Letterman show, which I'm sure some of you haven't, the studio itself is fuckin' freeeeeeeeeezing... For real, it must be close to actual freezing. Proper ball-ache.

Our dressing room was next door to none other than the legendary comedian Steve Martin who, for some reason, wasn't on the show but was there anyway - never did get to the bottom of why. He only stuck his head round the door to say hello! What an honour!!! We talked banjo and he had a bit of banter with the lads. Top, top man. Funny as fuck!!

Steve Martin I am having you, la'.

As showtime approached we got a little visit from that fella Billy Gibbons from that band ZZ TOP. Another top little dude. Who's not having that tune "Sharp Dressed Man"? Squares... that's who!

We literally bumped into that top Scientologist Katie Holmes on the way into the studio. We came out of the lift and BANG, there she was.

Now at this point my mate, and friend of the stars, Scully was doing a bit of filming for my website and managed to capture the moment. She did look a bit miffed at the various North-West accents and some vigorous handshaking, but there was no need to send one of her people over to demand the video be deleted!!!! Un-fuckin'-believable.

We didn't let it spoil the day though. And what a day. Loved it.

Am currently backstage at the Philadelphia Academy of Music. Mega venue. Like a mini Albert Hall.

Gotta go. I've lost my phone. It isn't the first time, and it won't be the last!!!

In a bit.


Friday, November 11, 2011

If I Had A Gun - Noel Gallagher on the David Letterman show

Noel Gallagher: 'Liam should have been beaten up not me'

IT’S fair to say Noel Gallagher won’t be sitting down to Christmas dinner with Liam after he said he wished his brother had been beaten up.

The 44-year-old rocker was assaulted during an Oasis concert in Canada in 2008 but Noel can’t understand why he was targeted when Liam was on stage and deserved it more. Charming.

Noel – who quit Oasis in 2009 following a bust-up with his sibling – said: “That had nothing to do with me. That guy was a f***ing moron. Why would he attack me and not Liam? C’mon.
“That’s all I wanted to say to him afterwards: ‘Leave me alone. I write the f***ing songs. F**k up the guy over there with the glasses.”

Thursday, November 10, 2011


That gig last night was a bit odd, eh? It was good like, just not as good as the night before. Not got to the bottom of why, it just didn't seem to fly for me. Never mind… can't be great every night, can you?

I'll say adios, or even au revoir to you Canadian people. Thanks for coming out, etc., and we'll see yiz soon.

I noticed summat strange on the menu this morning as I was ordering breakfast. You know sometimes they have specific kinds of pretentious breakfasts on the menus? i.e. "Power Breakfast" (for people who need more power, presumably?), "The Healthy Breakfast" (for people who don't do breakfast), etc…

Well, there was one on the menu which really, in hindsight, I should of had just to see if there would've been any obvious benefits from it. It was called - and I'm not even remotely taking the piss here… - "THE FAST AND FURIOUS BREAKFAST" (for men that do the Haka).

Ok… the bit about the Haka is made up. It basically consisted of coffee... that's it! Anyway, I didn't try it, me being mid-paced and content and all that.

We flew into the United States of America this afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to resume the never-ending battle of wits with the border police.

Rozzer: "What is the purpose of your visit, sir?"

Me: "I'm here to love your country and its people until they love me back equally… sir."

Rozzer: "You're free to go."

Me: "Thanks very much."

We're in NYC. The greatest city in all of the world. Not playing here until next weekend though, just a flying visit.

Two days of relentless promo. I've actually just looked at the schedule and it's ludicrous. 12 bastard hours of it!!!!! What more do you people need to know?

There's actually a thing called "VH1 LIVE BREAKFAST" at 7am, or summat!!! It wouldn't surprise me in the fuckin' least if I'm woken up by a film crew and some shiny happy presenter who's come to interview me while I'm in my full Man City kit eating my granola… I'd best check that's not actually gonna happen.

Playing on that David Letterman show tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

I'll pass on your bests, eh?



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Noel Gallagher's son Donovan talks with Liam

Liam Gallagher is close to ending his long-running bust-up with his brother Noel, after his sibling's four-year-old son reminded him of the importance of a happy family.

The former Oasis stars have famously clashed throughout their career, but the simmering rivalry came to a head in 2009 when they had a furious fight backstage at a gig in Paris, France.

The incident sparked the end of the Wonderwall hitmakers, with guitarist Noel quitting the band hours later, and the two brothers have not spoken to each other since.

But in a new interview, singer Liam admits he has softened his stance and can see an end to the feud after a conversation with Noel's four-year-old son Donovan reminded him of the importance of family.

He's also adamant "life's too short" to fall out with relatives, and admits he has "changed a little bit" in recent months.

Asked if his bust-up with Noel will last for years, Liam tells Nme magazine, "Nah, man, no way man, nah. Because you think about it, don't you - you think life's too f**king short. All this b**locks."

When he is then asked if he can "see the end of it coming already", he replies, "Yeah. I suppose so, yeah. Because I spoke to his kid the other day on the phone. I thought it was (Noel's daughter) Anais, but it was the little one. And it was like, 'Oh, alright uncle Liam,' and you think to yourself, (the fighting is) all b**locks, innit.

"But I stand by everything that went on. And I think I've changed a little bit... I'm still me, so Noel's gonna have to get over it."


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Y'know, life can be a wonderful thing... Full of ups and downs. Twists and turns. Ins and outs and roundabouts. For long periods life can be mundane (not mine… mine's fuckin' mental!!!). And the further you get along the road of life, the more you've experienced, the less there is to experience… or so I thought!!

I have been woken with the news that for the 2nd week running I sit proudly at the top of GRAZIA magazine's column of lust!!!! Number fuckin' one, baby!!!!!!

Seriously Coldplay, you might be selling records by the skip-load and think that you're operating in some kind of musical CD-selling "Para, para, paradise", but the girls back home have spoken, and they're speaking the language of lust.

My blimmin' albums don't even stay at #1 for 2 weeks!!!

My missus is so proud, as will my mam be.

I dunno… free driving lessons? GRAZIA magazine? Where will it end?

Loose Women? Strictly Come Dancing, probably. The sky's the limit!!!!!

In other news… The gig last night at the legendary Massey Hall was great. Most enjoyable. Even had a good laugh with the audience. Looking forward to tonight.

It's raining, by the way.

In a bit.



Yes comrades.

We cool? Good.

The flight was very uneventful. I guess that's how you want them though, eh?

Seen that Gordon Ramsay fella at Heathrow. You know that guy? Celebrity chef? He's convinced "Fresh local ingredients" can save the world!! Don't know why that's interesting, or why I'm even telling you, but there you go.

Toronto is freeeeeeezing as usual. I did a special little acoustic show last night. Only about 200 people. There was a LOT of love in the room mostly coming from grown men, I have to say, which always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. It was a good laugh though.

City won again yesterday AND, as luck would have it, it was live on TV!!!!!!! I'm starting to believe now.

Done nothing today. There's nothing to do. Literally nothing.

Got 2 shows coming up at Massey Hall and if last night is anything to go by they should be great.

I'm currently being a sloth watching some NFL game or other. I quite like American Football. Not quite sure why. I recall being hooked one night in the '80s while I was tripping!!! Think it might've been the colours. And before you ask, no I don't have a favourite team or player. I don't know anything about it other than the rules and the fact that it's mega when you're tripping - which I'm not at the moment, by the way!!!!

In a bit.


Noel Gallagher Interview on Triple J (Australia)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Noel Gallagher's one of the best songwriters of his generation

"Noel Gallagher's one of the best  songwriters of his generation," says music producer Dave Sardy, who produced the last two Oasis records and Noel Gallagher's solo record "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds," due November 8th in the U.S. "I've worked with many artists including Johnny Cash, and Noel's on par with Johnny Cash. He's the real deal. He lives and breathes music. Even when Noel's just sitting down, playing his guitar to warm up, he is so talented and soulful, he has me and the engineers almost in tears."

Sardy was one of approximately 50 people who attended Soho House West Hollywood on Wednesday, where Filter presented a screening of High Flying Birds: Somewhere In Between, a compelling, revealing and entertaining documentary about the making of Gallagher's new record.

Despite being only 33 minutes long, the documentary packs in a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of the British rock star's artistic process, including studio time and detailed notewriting. The soundtrack is filled with songs from his new record, and Gallagher himself narrates the film.

High Flying Birds opens with Gallagher speaking about this new phase of his career. "It's very liberating. A Noel Gallagher audience? What is that? I don't know yet. We'll find out.”

The film's focus is on Gallagher's commitment to his art, his reverence for and deference to the tradition of songwriting, his perfectionistic nature and sense of humor.

Gallagher initially recorded the songs in England, but then sent them to Los Angeles producer Dave Sardywho had many suggestions and booked a flight to London to share his feedback with the nervous Gallagher. "I was thinking, well he's not coming over to tell me it's brilliant, that's for sure, 'cause he could do that on the phone. He's coming over to lay something on me." After Sardy's visit, Gallagher decided to hand Sardy the reins.

From there, Gallagher and his drummer Jeremy Stacy flew to Los Angeles to work at the legendary Sunset Sound recording studio and at Sardy's studio Hillside Manor.

In the film, Gallagher puts a lot of emphasis on the elusive songwriting process, calling his own method "Going fishing." "All I can do is sit with a guitar and wait and hope for something to happen. And that's what I do. I sit by the river and if I get a catch, great.”

Despite having written an array of hits for Oasis, Gallagher admits that he can't read music and that he's not a great guitarist or vocalist. "I'm not great at anything.” he says. “I'm great at being me and doing what I do. I try to write great songs. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn't. I like the discipline of that."

On his new record, Gallagher says his focus is upon themes of love, hope and going on a journey. Despite professing himself to be a cynic, he says, "You've got to be strong enough for love. It's very easy to be cool and cynical. It's very difficult to just let yourself go and be in love. You've got to be strong enough for that."

At the documentary's end, Gallagher reflects on what it was like being in Oasis and hitting certain milestones, and then discusses his future as a solo artist. "I'm going to set the benchmark. A year from now there's be a benchmark and it might be down by my ankles or it might be way above my head. It may exceed everyone's expectations or it may just be alright. It may just be another album. Don't know yet. But that's the great thing about it. Who knows?"


Friday, November 4, 2011


04.11.2011 12:30

'D'you know what she was offering?'

Yes comrades.

The gig at the BBC was great. Most enjoyable.

I like that BBC theatre. 200 people max. Like a little cinema. It's a bit weird though, eh? The crowd being about 2ft away? One is very aware of them. And they stare right into your soul - it was good craic though.

I enjoyed the banter. Right at the end though a blonde lady got up on stage, gave me a kiss, handed me an envelope and gave me the internationally recognised look that means, "You must read this". Nice envelope. Gold. With 'NOEL. X' written on the front. So far, so good. Now… back in the '90s a situation like this would've inevitably ended in a scenario that we'll have to leave to your filthy little imagination.

So anyway, back in the dressing room I gathered round the envelope - not unlike the scene from that film Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega opens up Marsellus Wallace's stolen briefcase, you know the one? A shaft of golden light emanates from said briefcase on to Vincent's face and Jules says, "Are we cool?" Ok… that one.

So… open up the envelope. A little note… "Dear Noel…" Blah, blah, blah… Phone number… (Ok, get to the point woman!!)

Hang on? Surely not…

D'you know what she was offering?

Free driving lessons!! FREE FUCKIN' DRIVING LESSONS!!

Eat that Coldplay… You might be #1 in England AND America at the same time, but free driving lessons? That's where it's at, baby.

Am currently at Heathrow T5. Flying to the Yoo-knighted States.

Just bumped into Dave Hill from that band Slade!!

In a bit.